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Bugaboo Ant vs Yoyo 2 – Which is Right for You?

In this post we are going to match up the two best compact strollers head to head, the Bugaboo Ant vs Yoyo by Babyzen (the 2020 updated YOYO2 version). 

We have already reviewed each of these separately and we can break the suspense right now and tell you that they are both superb. 

We don’t think that it is fair to think of these as just travel strollers, they are compact strollers that are every bit as good as their larger cousins and are just as good for city living as they are for taking on a plane.  

Bugaboo Ant vs Babyzen YOYO2 Quick Verdict

If you keep reading you will find a detailed review and comparison of the Yoyo vs Ant. 

In case you are short on time and just want to know which is best for you, we have this neat little summary:

Why You Should Buy the Bugaboo Ant

Bugaboo Ant Review- Stroller shown unfolded in parent facing position and folded
  • Reversible seat allows both parent facing and world facing seat positions. The Babyzen Yoyo has only forward-facing.
  • The Bugaboo Ant has a height-adjustable handlebar that allows all users to find a comfortable pushing position. The Yoyo handlebar is fixed.
  • The Bugaboo Ant has a more supportive seat as it is reinforced with plastic, the Yoyo has a fabric seat.
  • The Ant has a larger storage basket that is accessible even when folded.
  • The Ant can be pulled like a suitcase when folded.
  • The Bugaboo Ant has a slightly higher weight limit of 50 pounds (23kg) vs 48 pounds (22kg) for the YOYO2.

Overall, we think that the Bugaboo Ant is the better stroller. It looks better and has an overall more premium feel to it. The reversible seat is a great bonus. 

 Why You Might Want to Buy a Babyzen YOYO2

  • The YOYO2 is easier and quicker to fold than the Ant
  • Yoyo is 2 pounds lighter than the Ant
  • Can be carried by a shoulder strap
  • Compatible with a wider range of infant car seats

If you are looking for an out and out travel stroller, the YOYO2 has the advantage of being lighter and easier to fold so it is worthy of consideration. 

Bugaboo Ant vs YOYO2

For the past 10 years, the Babyzen Yoyo has been the ultimate luxury travel stroller. Other brands have brought out their own compact strollers, we like some of them like the Uppababy Minu and Baby Jogger City Tour, but none have ever been able to beat the Yoyo stroller for practicality, style or comfort. 

We think that the Bugaboo Ant is a genuine challenger to the Yoyo’s long-held position as the best luxury compact stroller. But, which is best? 

In this comparative review, we will cover all the features and pros and cons of the Bugaboo Ant vs Babyzen Yoyo – read on to find out which is our favourite.

In 2020 Babyzen released a new version of the compact stroller, the YOYO2. This has improved the Yoyo in a number of ways. Throughout this review, we will be comparing the new Babyzen YOYO2 vs Bugaboo Ant although we might not always mention the 2!

Bugaboo Ant vs Babyzen Yoyo – What is the Age Range?

Bugaboo Ant Review - Shown in grey wih infant cocoon

Both the Bugaboo Ant stroller and Babyzen Yoyo are suitable from birth through to toddler ages. 

The Bugaboo Ant has a higher upper weight limit of 50 pounds (23kg) compared to the Babyzen YOYO2 maximum weight limit 48 pounds (22 kg). This is an area where the brand new YOYO2 has improved on the old Yoyo+ which had a limit of just 40 pounds (18kg).

This means that the Ant will last you slightly longer as your child grows but more importantly, the seat can also be adapted for larger children, unlike the seat on the Yoyo.

The Bugaboo Ant has a seat height of 15 inches (38cm) that is adjustable up to 22 inches (56cm) whereas seat height of the BabyZen Yoyo is 17 inches (43cm)

When using the Ant with a newborn you simply recline the parent facing seat and attach the Bugaboo Bee 5 Baby Cocoon (sold separately). It is also possible to attach an infant car seat. 

The Babyzen Yoyo can be used from birth by attaching the newborn pack which will allow your baby to lie flat and face you. The Yoyo will still fold up nice and small even with the newborn kit attached.

The Yoyo newborn seat comes with a really cosy fleece lining, a headrest, footrest and 2-position pop-up canopy. It looks super cosy and I would happily lie there if only I could fit! There are no safety worries thanks to the 5–point safety harness.

If you have a second child then a buggy board is a great way to transport both kids around at once. Both the Yoyo and Ant have brilliant buggy boards that provide a smooth ride for your toddler. 

The Yoyo board is designed to carry children between around 2 and 5 years old (or a maximum weight of 20kg/44 pounds) and they can sit or stand on the board.

The Ant uses the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board which fits all Bugaboo pushchairs. We love how it fits slightly to the left or right from the handlebar centre so that you have a little bit of extra walking space. The board has the same limit as the Yoyo – 20kg (44 pounds).

Overall, the Bugaboo Ant has the best age range, thanks to the higher maximum weight.

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Babyzen Yoyo vs Bugaboo Ant – How do the seats compare?

One of the best features of the Bugaboo Ant is the reversible seat

This means that you can easily switch between having your child facing you or looking out at the world. 

We find this really adds an extra dimension to the compact stroller as you can move the seat around to suit your child’s mood and it helps the stroller to adapt as your baby gets older and is more likely to see what is going on around them.

The seat on the Ant has been designed to ergonomically support the child. It is nice and soft and will mould to the shape of your little one but it also offers great support and is shaped to help them sit up straight and improve posture.

We definitely prefer the seat on the Ant to the one on the Yoyo.

The BabyZen Yoyo2 has a multi-position reclining seat that can be adjusted using a horizontal strap behind the seat. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fully recline into a flat position for nap times and is also not fully upright in its most upright position.

The seat on the Bugaboo Ant is more upright and can also fully recline. To recline the seat all the way back you will need to have the seat in the parent facing position. There are two other positions that can be used with the seat in either direction, these are fully upright and ‘relaxed’

The seat on the Yoyo is made of fabric so offers less support than the one on the Ant, and it is not reversible (although the newborn kit makes the Babyzen Yoyo parent facing when they are tiny). 

It is still a good comfortable seat with a 5 point safety harness but it is not quite so luxurious as the Bugaboo Ant seat. 

Overall, the Bugaboo Ant has the best seat. It is reversible, offers more support and has a better range of recline positions.

Yoyo vs Bugaboo Ant – Which is the smallest?

The Ant and the Yoyo 2 are both really small compact strollers and are two of the smallest premium strollers available. 

The Bugaboo Ant measures 21 x 14.9 x 9 inches (53 x 38 x 23cm) whilst the the Babyzen Yoyo dimensions are 20 x 17.5 x 7 inches (52 x 44 x 18cm).

So they are a slightly different shape but both are very small and they meet the carry-on cabin luggage requirements of most airlines (it is always worth checking before you fly). 

The Ant has a great trolley fold design which means that you can pull it along just like a suitcase. This makes this one of the best strollers to take through an airport.

The Yoyo is great too but rather than pulling it along on wheels, it comes with a shoulder strap

Both of these strollers will be great if you plan to fly with your little one as you can wheel them to the gate, fold up the stroller and walk on board. 

But it is not just when you travel that you will appreciate the small size of these strollers. Our normal stroller takes up half the space in our car boot and we can’t even bring it into the house as there is nowhere to put it!

A compact stroller like the Bugaboo Ant or Yoyo Babyzen will easily fit in a small wardrobe and will leave you plenty of space in the car for your shopping.

You could even put them in the footwell behind the driver or front passenger seat and there will still be plenty of space for your child’s feet to dangle.

It is not just when folded up that you will love the compact size of these strollers. The small dimensions allow you to easily pass through small doorways and to steer your way along busy streets.

There is no clear winner when it comes to size, the dimensions are slightly different as they are different shapes but they are both very small.

Bugaboo Ant vs Yoyo – Which is the lightest stroller?

The BabyZen Yoyo weight is just 12.8 pounds / 5.8kg. This is super light and makes it easy to carry about. 

The Bugaboo Ant weight is 15.8 pounds (7.2kg). So it is still light but it is noticeably heavier than the Yoyo. 

The Babyzen Yoyo2 is the lightest of the two strollers.

Bugaboo Ant vs Yoyo Babyzen – How do they fold?

The Bugaboo Ant is easy to fold but it is a multistep process rather than being a one-handed fold. It works well though and you will quickly get the hang of it. 

This is how you fold the Bugaboo Ant:

  1. Push in the sides of the canopy and wait for click. 
  2. Push the seat down.
  3. Pull the lever on the back of the seat and push it forward.
  4. Undo the lock on the side of the frame.
  5. Push the wheels in which will collapse the frame.
  6. Adjust the handlebar

It sounds harder than it is. 

The Babyzen Yoyo 2 does have a one-handed fold system which is great if you need to hold your baby whilst you do it.  But it is quite awkward with one hand so you might end up using both your hands to fold it when you can. 

  1. Press a button on either side of the hood and fold the handlebar back. You need 2 hands for this but you could do this before picking up your baby.
  2. Reach under the stroller seat to press another button that releases the folding mechanism. The buggy will then fold up nice and neatly.
  3. Clip the stroller closed using the small clip. When you want to use the pushchair again you simply unclip it and shake the stroller out.

Overall, the Babyzen Yoyo2 is easier to fold.

Babyzen Yoyo vs Ant – How well do they push?

The Bugaboo Ant is really easy to steer and has a great handlebar that makes it easy to steer with one hand. 

A great feature of the Bugaboo Ant is the option to adjust the height of the handlebar. This is a feature that is missing from the Babyzen Yoyo and most other compact strollers.

The BabyZen Yoyo 2 handlebar is a bit higher than the one on the Ant is fixed at 41.7 inches (106 cm) from the ground. The Bugaboo Ant handlebar and can be set to two positions: 37.4 inches (95cm) or 40.9 inches (104 cm) above ground level.

The Ant has all-wheel suspension which creates a nice comfortable ride for your baby. The tyres are foam filled which gives a smooth ride similar to air-filled tyres but without the risk of getting a puncture, or the need to pump them up. 

The front wheels are 5 inches whilst the back ones are a bit bigger at 6 inches.

The Ant is not designed to be an off-road stroller but the wheels glide nicely over pavements and smooth surfaces like in the airport or supermarket. 

Bugaboo’s Ant stroller will also cope well with bumpy surfaces like cobblestones, cracked pavements and grass. So, you should be able to take it most places without worrying too much.

The YOYO2 handlebar is at a fixed height but made from a nice soft material that makes it comfortable to hold.

The new version, the YOYO2 has upgraded individual suspension on all 4 wheels. This helps you as well as the child by smoothing out the ride so that it feels really smooth to push around town and country. 

Like the Ant, the Babyzen Yoyo2 is most at home in urban environments but will cope admirably with anything from grass to cobbled streets. Mud and leaves will clog up the wheels of both of these compact strollers. 

The Yoyo turns really well and it is easy to control it one-handed. This means you can have a hand free for that all-important coffee (cup holder sold separately).

Overall, the Ant is easiest to push, thanks to the adjustable handlebar.

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Bugaboo Ant vs Yoyo – Are they car seat compatible? 

The Bugaboo Ant is car seat compatible, so you can turn it into a full travel system.

You will need to get some adapters and have a compatible infant car seat like the ones made by Cybex and Maxi Cosi or Nuna Pipa Lite, Nuna Pipa Lite LX.

The Yoyo can also be turned into a fully functional travel system.

The included car seat adapters can be used with the Babyzen iZi Go Modular seat (developed in partnership with BeSafe).

You can also use these official adaptors with lots of popular car seats like Maxi-Cosi Pebble and Pebble Plus, Cybex Aton-Q, Nuna Pipa.

The Ant and Yoyo are compatible with a similar range of seats but it is worth checking them both against your infant car seat model.

Yoyo vs Ant – Do they have decent storage baskets?

The Bugaboo Ant has a nice big storage basket with a capacity of 17 pounds (7.7kg). For such a small pushchair this is pretty impressive. 

The basket is separated into two sections. The main one is at the front and will fit a few essentials, or a changing bag. 

You can access it from the front of the buggy which is handy, but it is the back section that is a bit special. 

When you are using the stroller normally it is just a smallish basket, ideal for a few snacks or maybe your phone, wallet and small purse. 

But when you fold the stroller up into its suitcase-style pull mode you can still access this mesh pouch and all your things inside. It is a nice touch and is a practical feature that definitely adds to the usability of the Bugaboo Ant.

The Yoyo has a good-sized basket that will fit a few snacks and the baby bits that you need for a trip into town. If you need more space they have made this awesome bag accessory to expand your storage space.

Overall, the Bugaboo Ant has the best storage. It has a bigger basket and a nifty pocket that you can use even when the stroller is folded up.

Bugaboo Ant vs Babyzen YOYO2 Price Comparison

The Bugaboo Ant and Babyzen YOYO 2 are very closely matched on price. You can check the latest prices here.

Both strollers are available in a huge range of different colours and with various optional extras like coffee cup holders etc. 

There is a difference if you want to use the stroller with a newborn. 

You can use the Ant with a newborn without any extra attachments, whereas to use Yoyo with a baby under 6 months old you will need to get the newborn pack which isn’t cheap at around $200.

The other option which is available on both strollers is to attach your car seat. Both of these strollers are compatible with a decent range of car seats, if you already have one then it’s best to check compatibility as this could sway your decision. 

Which is cheaper?Bugaboo Ant as you can transport a newborn without extra attachments.

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Final thoughts on Bugaboo Ant vs Yoyo

Overall, we think that the Bugaboo Ant offers genuine competition to the Yoyo2 and they are now the two best luxury compact strollers on the market. 

Both are excellent strollers that are lightweight, fold up to cabin baggage size, and can be used from birth with either a bassinet or car seat. They are also available for the same price.

So, which is best Bugaboo Ant or Babyzen Yoyo 2?

Well, our favourite is definitely the Bugaboo Ant

We think that the Bugaboo Ant is better than the Yoyo in several key areas

  • We love the reversible seat which allows both parent facing and world facing seat positions. 
  • The Bugaboo Ant has a height-adjustable handlebar helps you to get comfortable when pushing. 
  • The Bugaboo Ant seat is reinforced and gives more support and more recline options than the fabric seat on the Yoyo.
  • The Ant has a bigger storage basket that is accessible when folded
  • The Ant can be pulled like a suitcase.
  • The Bugaboo Ant has a higher weight limit of 50 pounds (23kg) vs 40 pounds (18kg) for the Yoyo+.

We also think that the Bugaboo Ant looks better so for us it is a clear winner.

There are a couple of key benefits of the Yoyo though. 

The Babyzen Yoyo is easier to fold up and a couple of pounds lighter.

This makes it the more practical choice if you expect to be folding it up a lot, (maybe as you go around town by public transport) or if you travel frequently and the weight is important. 

It is worth stressing that these are both brilliant strollers that each have many many happy owners. 

But, our top recommendation is to go for the Bugaboo Ant.

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