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    The Best Wireless Headphones for Toddlers and Kids: Safe and Tangle Free Sounds

    Wireless headphones are a bit of a revelation when it comes to getting headphones for your child. Free from the physical connection to the device your child is free to dance to music, jump up and down and stomp around like a dinosaur. All the things that a toddler might like to do when watching their favourite programme or listening to some music. Just without the trip hazards and iPads flying across the room that you would get with wired headphones. Originally we bought our toddler normal wired headphones, but it didn’t take long before the wires had been twisted and chewed to the point that they had stopped working.…

  • Best Tablet Case For Toddlers
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    The Best Tablet Case for Toddlers

    So you have taken the plunge and bought your toddler their first tablet. It is a really great idea to protect this new piece of kit with a decent cover that will save it from any drops or bumps. We all know that it is bound to happen no matter how conscientious your preschooler is. We write this guide from experience having tried to save money by not getting a case, only to have the screen crack within days. Having learned our lesson we have done some research to produce our guide to the best tablet case for toddlers and kids. If you have gone for one of the Amazon…

  • Best Tablet for Toddlers 2018
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    The Best Tablet for Toddlers 2019 – How to Choose Your Child’s First Tablet

    Kids and toddlers just love tablets. Looking at photos, playing games, watching videos, taking close up pictures of their nose. They just can’t get enough of them! So should you get them a tablet of their own? And if so which one would be best for your child? Or are they harmful to young children and best avoided? In this post, we look at the research into tablet use at a young age and present our guide to what we think is the best tablet for toddlers and young kids in 2019. Don’t worry if your child is a bit older, these are the best tablets for kids of all…