Best Tablet Case For Toddlers

The Best Tablet Case for Toddlers

So you have taken the plunge and bought your toddler their first tablet.

It is a really great idea to protect this new piece of kit with a decent cover that will save it from any drops or bumps. We all know that it is bound to happen no matter how conscientious your preschooler is.

We write this guide from experience having tried to save money by not getting a case, only to have the screen crack within days.

Having learned our lesson we have done some research to produce our guide to the best tablet case for toddlers and kids.

If you have gone for one of the Amazon Fire Kids tablets you won’t need to worry about this as you will have got a case included and also a 2 year no quibble guarantee so you don’t really need to worry about what happens to it.

If you haven’t yet made your toddler tablet purchase, be sure to check out our review of the best tablets for toddlers.

Most of the ones we reviewed come with a case included but we have also recommended that you could use a normal iPad with parental controls kids and a kids tablet cover.

You may also be looking for a case for your existing Amazon Fire or Android tablets, in which case, read on as we review the best toddler tablet cases.


iPad Cases for Toddlers

Fintie 9.7 Ipad case

This is a great case that comes with an easy to grab carry handle making it that bit easier for little hands to keep hold of it. A clever piece of design means that the handle can convert into a stand when the tablet is being used on a table.

When not being used for either purpose the handle folds down snugly against the case rather than flapping around as is the case with some other cases.

The case is made of dense heavy duty EVA foam meaning that it is lightweight but able to withstand considerable wear and tear and provides extreme shock protection.

The iPad slides in easily but fits nice and snugly so it feels well protected and there is no way it could come out accidentally.

The foam covers the back and sides and extends beyond the screen so that it remains safe from scratches when laid face down. If you would like to use a screen protector as well, the sides of this case extend far enough to cover the edges and help hold them in place.

As with most toddler and kids cases, it does make the iPad quite bulky but this is not going to bother your little one and is all part of making it easier to hold.

The case fits all 9.7-inch iPads, this includes the recent 6th generation iPad, as well as the 2017 9.7-inch iPad, the iPad Air 2 and iPad Air.


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TopEsct Shockproof Silicone Case

 Need more handles on your iPad case?

Try this one from TopEsct which has not one but 3 carry handles making it extra easy to keep hold of and no doubt it is great for pretending you have a steering wheel.

The case is made of silicone so it is shockproof and should stand up well to toddler usage.

This case is a great value package as it also ships with a tempered glass screen protector and a lanyard that can be used to fix the iPad to the back of the headrest in a car.

This is a perfect, simple, solution to keeping your kids entertained on the move. The iPad fits well into the case and seems really well protected. There is a flip-out stand on the back to make it stand up.

Overall this is a good toddler iPad case, that will keep it well protected. We do question whether there are too many handles and whether using the handles at the side is any easier than just holding a silicon case. It probably depends what your child is likely to use their tablet for the most.


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iGuy Freestanding Case for iPad

This is a very popular case that has a cool design that gives your iPad arms and legs.

It looks great but is useful too since the case can stand on its own two feet for when you want to watch something on your toddler’s tablet.

The foam arms make it easy for little ones to hold and the foam material that has been used it really durable and stands up well to everything that a toddler can throw at it.

If you like the design this is definitely a case to consider and is sure to be loved by your child.


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Amazon Fire Cases for Toddlers

Amazon Kid-Proof Case

If you have gone for the normal version of the Amazon Fire tablets, rather than the kids one, you can pick up this simple but excellent toddler tablet case separately.

There is not too much to say about it really, there’s are no handles or stands, it fits the Fire tablet like a glove, comes in a few different colours and protects it really well.

To be honest, given the cost of this case you are better of just going for the kids version of the Amazon Fire tablets

For about the same price as the tablet plus this case, the Kids Editions mean that you get the case included, you get a year of great kids content and you get a 2 year no quibble returns policy (even if your little one throws it against a rock  – but don’t tell them that!)

If you need a case for your existing Fire Tablet this is a great alternative to the Amazon one and is way cheaper. It looks pretty cool too. With a nice honeycomb effect.


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MoKo Portable Neoprene Case Bag


As an alternative to the silicon or foam toddler tablet cases, you might like to consider a neoprene case like this one.

Simply slot your tablet in the case and you can be happy that it is safe from any knocks.

It doesn’t offer protection when the tablet is in use though and is more for use when travelling with the device or taking it somewhere. The cases are generic and you can find one to fit any tablet.


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If you haven’t yet chosen a tablet for your little one be sure to check out our review of all of the best toddler tablets.


The Best Tablet Cases for Toddlers – Decision Time!

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our rundown of the best tablet cases for toddlers. The kid’s tablet cases that we have featured here all do a great job so it comes down to personal preference over the design that you choose.

There are loads of different covers to choose from and the most important decision is probably just to make sure that you do use one.

If you have a personal favourite toddler tablet case, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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