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Your First Trip with Young Kids?

Young girl walking on the beach in Koh Libong with kids

We’ve been there. You are worried that they won’t enjoy it, that they’ll get sick or that they will scream the whole way on the plane.

Maybe everyone you know is telling you that you are crazy to even think about travelling with your little one?

We have some posts that can help.

If you are planning your first trips abroad with young children, check out our guides to flying with a baby and flying with a toddler.

And be sure to check out our 10 awesome tips to help your baby sleep when travelling

Or have a look at our more specific guides to Thailand with a Baby and Toddler, Italy with a Toddler or Baby and Vietnam with Kids


Not Sure What to Pack?

suitcase, camera and holiday items in a suitcase for a Thailand packing list

Packing can be a headache. You don’t want to forget anything that is vital. But you do want to be able to actually carry your bag.


We can help!


Head over to our post on the best baby and toddler travel gear to see what we think are the most helpful items to have with you when you travel with young kids. And be sure to check out our comprehensive packing list.


We have also reviewed loads of great travel gear so that you can find the items that will actually make a difference and help your trip go more smoothly.

Some of the posts that you might like to read first include:

Best Baby Carriers for Travelling

Best Lightweight Travel Strollers

Best Travel Cribs/Cots

Best Toddler Tablets (yes, this is a travel essential)

Best Lightweight Backpacks


Where to Go

We have travelled all over the globe for the past 20 years. Since our eldest was born 5 years ago we have kept this up and have probably travelled more than ever.

We have been to lots of countries together, but this blog currently focuses content on the countries that we have been to several times over the last few years, Italy, Thailand and Vietnam.

This means that we can provide in-depth expert travel advice for these locations, aswell as passing on what we have learnt about traveling with yound kids.


Longtail boats on the beach at Railay.

Get started planning your trip by checking out our 10 day Thailand Itinerary that will give you an overview of some of the highlights of this stunning country. 

If you are travelling to Thailand with a baby and toddler, this comprehensive post will help to answer your questions and concerns before you go.

If you are travelling with kids of any age, check out our guides to Bangkok with Kids and Chiang Mai with kids

Looking to explore Thailand further?

We have loads of content on specific destinations in Thailand. You might like to start with our Thailand Itinerary, Bangkok Itinerary, the best beaches in Thailand, or our guide to Chiang Mai with Kids

We have a lot of posts on the Andaman Sea area of Thailand. It is probably our favourite part of Thailand and you will find countless paradise islands waiting for you

Koh Lanta – Laid back beach life

Koh Ngai – Our absolute favourite

Koh Lipe – A tiny pearl on the way to Malaysia

Phuket Resorts – Find the best family resorts

Koh Mook – See the spectacular Emerald Cave

Koh Libong – Get away from the crowds

Krabi Itinerary – See it all from a mainland base

Krabi – Where to stay in Krabi (the region)


view across the water to San Giorgio Maggiore. How many days in Venice is enough?

We have been to Italy every year since having kids, after falling in love with the country on a babymoon in Sicily.

We have explored most regions of a country that never fails to impress with its stunning scenery and charming historic buildings.

If you are travelling with young children, check out our guide to Italy with a Toddler or Baby

You can plan your trip with the help of these destination guides:


Where to go in Sardinia

Best Beaches in Sardinia

Guide to Cala Gonone

Guide to Alghero

Mainland Italy

Car rental in Italy

Northern Italy Itinerary

Things to do in Venice (With Kids), how long you should spend in Venice, and where you should stay

Things to do in Lake Garda

Guide to Verona

Hopefully, that has given you some ideas of what to read to plan your trip!