• view over stunning turquoise sea - Koh Lipe with kids
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    Koh Lipe with Kids

    When you get to Thailand you will hear a lot about Koh Lipe. If you are on the west coast around Krabi or any of the islands, everyone seems to be either heading to or on their way back from Koh Lipe.  So when you look it up you might be surprised to see just how small it is. It is a tiny speck of an island off the west coast of Thailand, close to the border with Malaysia. Over the last few years, it has really taken off as a tourist destination so we thought we would write a quick post about our experiences visiting Koh Lipe with kids.…

  • Vietnam with Kids, Japanese bridge in Hoi An
    Family Travel Tips,  Vietnam

    Vietnam with Kids – Vietnam with a Baby, Toddler or Older Kids

    When our second daughter was approaching her first birthday, we used our Shared Parental Leave (a combination of maternity/paternity leave that is now available to parents in the UK) to spend a decent amount of time travelling in South East Asia.  We arrived in Vietnam at the end of this 3 month trip to South East Asia. In this guide to family travel in Vietnam we will pass on our top tips for travel in Vietnam with a baby, Vietnam with a toddler and Vietnam with kids that are a bit older.    Our Guide to Vietnam with Kids  Before we left, we couldn’t find very much information online about…

  • Italy By Pubic Trasport
    Destination Guides,  Italy

    Perfect Two Week Northern Italy Itinerary

    Of all the countries that we have visited, Italy is probably our favourite. We return there time and again and are always amazed that there are so many amazing places to visit. Architecturally the country is something else, there are of course the famous places that we have all heard of and seen in a million pictures. But away from the tourist hotspots almost every town and village seems to be designed like something out of a storybook with medieval towns and villages dotting the landscape. And what a landscape! Italy has it all, from snow-capped peaks to white sandy beaches, it is no surprise that Italy is known as…

  • Babyzen Yoyo vs GB Pockit side by side comparison
    Babyzen Yoyo,  GB Pockit,  Travel Essentials,  Travel Strollers

    Babyzen Yoyo vs GB Pockit

    In this post, we are going to review and compare two of the most famous and bestselling travel strollers,  Babyzen Yoyo vs GB Pockit. The GB Pockit is the worlds smallest stroller, whilst the Babyzen Yoyo claims to be the world’s first luxury compact stroller.  So, both of these are strollers have impressive claims and are used and loved by parents around the globe. But if you are just looking to buy one compact stroller, which should you go for? GB Pockit or Babyzen Yoyo?  Keep reading to get the full lowdown on each of these strollers and find out the pros and cons of owning either the Babyzen Yoyo…

  • grand palace at sunset when visiting Bangkok with kids
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    Bangkok for Kids – Where to Stay and Things to Do in Bangkok with Kids

    Bangkok may not be the most obvious destination for a family holiday but if you look beneath the surface you will find a city that has plenty of great activities for children.  In this guide to things to do in Bangkok for kids, we will highlight some of the best family-friendly places to go during your time in the capital of Thailand. Of course, whilst you are here we fully recommend that you enjoy the cultural and architectural delights of the city that travellers of all ages will enjoy. Don’t miss attractions like the Grand Palace, views from the Sky Towers or the gloriously decorative temples dotted around the capital…

  • image of woman walking in the old town which is one of the best things to do in Hoi An with kids
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    Hoi An with Kids – Guide to Hoi An with a Baby, Toddler or Kids

    Hoi An is top of many people’s Vietnam bucket list. The quaint, picturesque streets of the old town are a glorious mix of Chinese shop houses and French colonial architecture. Throw in some lovely temples, colourful lanterns, boutique shops, a beautiful riverside setting and you have the perfect oriental destination.  Hoi An is a delightful, charming place to visit and it has deservedly become a very popular tourist destination. It is a very family friendly place and in this guide to Hoi An with kids we will give the full low down on what to do in Hoi An with family.  Things to Do in Hoi An with Kids  …

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