Baby Jogger City Tour Review

Baby Jogger City Tour Review – The Ultimate Lightweight Compact Stroller?

Are you looking for one of the best compact strollers on the market?  Maybe you travel a lot, or just want a stroller that is light and doesn’t take up too much space. If so, you will surely want to give the Baby Jogger City Tour some serious consideration. We help you decide if it is the right one for you in our Baby Jogger City Tour review.

Baby Jogger makes some of the best and most popular strollers on the market. They started out in the 1980s with one of the first 3 wheeled jogging buggies and since then they have gone from strength to strength.

They a have now branched out into all types of stroller (meaning many of their products have to come with stickers saying ‘not designed for jogging’!).

The Baby Jogger City Tour is their latest innovation in the ultra-compact market where it competes against the likes of the Ergobaby Metro Stroller, the Babyzen Yoyo+ and Silver Cross Jet Stroller which both feature in our post on the Best Lightweight Strollers for Travel.


Baby Jogger City Tour Review 

Age Range – 6 months to 15kg | Weight – 6.6kg | Folded Size – 59cm x 45cm x 25cm


  •          You can fold it one-handed
  •          Small and light enough to take as hand luggage on a plane
  •          Carry it like a backpack with the included bag
  •          Rain cover and UV protective canopy
  •          5 reclining positions


  •          Not suitable from birth
  •          Not compatible with car seats or buggy boards


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What is the Baby Jogger City Tour Good For?

The Baby Jogger City Tour is designed for parents looking for a really compact but high-quality pushchair. On first impressions, the stroller is very well made with padding in the right places and it definitely looks like a premium stroller, just a tiny version. Here are some of our favourite features of the City Tour.

One hand fold

Yes, this has become one of the top features that we look for in a baby buggy. No more fiddling about trying to figure out how to collapse the stroller, just grab it with one hand and off you go.

This is pretty much an essential feature to give you a chance of folding it up whilst carrying your baby. Unfolding it might just about be possible with one hand but we couldn’t manage it.

It is so small

Our first stroller was the Baby Jogger City Mini GT, which is pretty much a big version of this.

It is a great pushchair and has been really good for both of our girls. It does take up pretty much the whole of our car boot though, which makes packing a challenge. And we can’t even get it in our house so bought a little shed for it!

This stroller solves both of these space issues by being tiny. So tiny that it can go on an aeroplane as hand luggage! It meets the size requirements of many airlines (British Airways, Easyjet, KLM), so you can take your little one all the way to the plane without having to worry about putting it in the hold.

So so light

At only 6.6kg this is a genuinely lightweight stroller. One of the most annoying things about getting around town with a stroller is when you come across steps.

This is not so much of a problem with the City Tour, simply lift up the whole thing with your baby safely strapped in and go up the steps. This also comes in handy when getting on and off buses, both folded and unfolded it is pretty easy to get on and off with this stroller.

It becomes a backpack

Ok so, not an actual backpack, it wouldn’t be much good for carrying your jacket and sandwiches up Snowdon. But it does come with a handy backpack carry bag that means you can carry it about with ease and have your hands free for all your other baby gear, your sandwiches, your jacket etc.



Is the Baby Jogger City Tour comfortable?

So, I am a bit big to have tested this myself but it definitely looks comfy! The seat is really well padded, as are the straps on the 5 point safety harness.

The seat has 5 positions including a good recline for nap times so you should be able to find one that your little one is happy with. There is no fully reclined position though so it is not suitable for very young babies.

This stroller has front suspension which you can see working as you go along the bumpy pavements and this clearly helps to assist in creating a comfortable ride.

The swivel wheels are good for creating a comfortable ride for your toddler and also make it a breeze to navigate around the city weaving between people and obstacles.

The wheels are small so best suited for use on smooth pavements and we wouldn’t want to take on too many cobbles with this baby buggy but they do seem very robust.

What is not so good about the Baby Jogger City Tour?

We really liked this stroller and think that it is a great option if you are looking for a lightweight and compact stroller.

The biggest downside for us is that it is not suitable from birth, Baby Jogger advertise this stroller for babies 6 months and older (up to 15kgs). You cannot attach a car seat or bassinet for your newborn and the seat does not lie fully flat.

This means that you will probably end up buying another stroller first, and maybe having this as a second one that you primarily use for travel.

That is fine but many parents would like to just have the one stroller so it seems like an opportunity missed. The Ergobaby Metro Stroller has this covered with a newborn kit that actually folds up with the stroller.

It is pretty impressive, check out our full review of the Ergobaby Metro Baby Jogger City Tour

Is there anything else we need to know?

The City Tour comes with a really good extendable hood with UPF50 so will offer protection from the sun when you jet off to sunny places. You also get a rain cover in case the weather doesn’t turn out quite as you had hoped. Optional extras include a cup holder (an essential for many of us!) and belly bar for when your child is a bit bigger.

You get handy storage pockets behind and under the seat. We find these invaluable for carting around snacks, nappies, coats, drinks etc. They are a decent size, given that this is a compact stroller, and should be big enough for all the essentials.

For more details on the Babyjogger City Tour Compact, please click here

Baby Jogger City Tour Review – A great lightweight stroller

As you can probably tell, we are very impressed by the Baby Jogger City Tour.

It is an ideal stroller for city dwellers or for those that want a really compact stroller to travel with. You can see how it measures up against some similar strollers in our review of all the best lightweight strollers on the market.

The Baby Jogger is one of our 2 favourite baby buggies, along with the Ergobaby Metro Stroller which we recommend over this if you are looking for a stroller for a newborn. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our review. I really hope that we have helped you to decide whether the Baby Jogger City Tour is the right stroller for you and your baby.


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