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Best Family Tents 2023: Choose the Right Tent For Your Family

Camping as a family is a great way to spend some quality time together, just sleeping out under the stars is an adventure in itself and it opens up opportunities to stay in out of the way places that you just couldn’t stay overnight in any other way.

I am sure most of us have memories of camping as a child, are they just that little bit clearer than memories of other types of holiday or trips away? I can definitely say that they have stuck in my memory far better.

This is one of the reasons that I am such a big fan of camping with my own young family and feel that it is a great way to have new and different experiences together, all shared in your own cosy tent.

Choosing a Tent for Your Family

Tents themselves have come a long way from the damp, leaky triangles that I remember from my youth. They are now bigger, lighter, and better able to deal with even the worst weather that could be thrown at you.

Having the right tent can really make or break your time in the outdoors. To help you choose the ideal tent for your next family getaway we have produced this review of the best family tents available in 2018.

Important Features when Choosing Your Tent

How big should it be?

As I alluded to above tents have grown a lot in recent years and some are now bigger than a small apartment. One thing that hasn’t changed is the need to buy a tent that is marketed for more people than you need.

As a general rule for a family of 4, you should look at ‘6 man tents’, these will give you enough space to camp comfortably, with enough room for all your things and with space to move around.

There will always be a trade-off between the size of tent you would like and the weight and bulk of the tent itself.

Consider how far you will be carrying your tent and how much space you have in the car to transport it before getting too carried away buying the biggest tent you can find.

Bigger tents will also take longer to put up and need more people to work together on them than smaller tents.

Tent Design

Beyond the simple metrics of capacity, a very important consideration is the layout of the tent. Do you want to have separate sleeping compartments for you and the children? Or one big one for all of you?

Some tents offer the option to combine bedrooms, allowing you the flexibility to choose either of these options as suits you best.

A decent sized living area is essential for an enjoyable camping trip. This will give you a space to play, eat, cook and sit even if you are unlucky with the weather.

Many modern tents will have a high ceiling that allows you to stand comfortably in this space, but be sure to check the measurements if you are tall.

Other great features to look out for include:

  • Blacked out bedrooms – These are great for helping to get the kids to sleep on light summer evenings.
  • Built-in groundsheet – Essential to easily ensure that the inside of the tent stays nice and dry, and closed off from creepy crawlies.
  • Multiple windows and doors – Each should have a fly screen that allows you to open the door but keep the bugs out.
  • Lots of pockets, loops and hooks – These really help you to stay organised, which can really help you to stay sane while camping with kids.
  • Adaptability – Think about the sleeping arrangements and how they work for you now and how they will work when your kids are older. A tent is a big investment that should last you years so it is worth ensuring that it will continue to meet your needs.
  • Water resistance and breathability – You kind of expect that all tents would provide this but there are different levels of waterproofing that you need to consider against the types of conditions you are likely to encounter and the frequency that you will use your tent.

New technologies

If you haven’t bought a tent for a while you may not be familiar with some of the new technologies around. One of the most exciting is the introduction of inflatable tents.

These replace the traditional metal or fiberglass poles with fabric ‘poles’ that you inflate when you pitch your tent. This enables the tent to go up far quicker than a more traditional design and it is easier for one person to pitch the tent on their own.


Best Inflatable Tents

Coleman Valdes 6

Tent Area: 200 x 600 x 300cm

Weight: 22.6 kg

Packed Size: 78 x 58 x 36 cm

Waterproofing: 4000 mm water column



The Coleman Valdes 6 is a great six-person tent (so ideal for a family of 4). It is a spacious tent that features 3 bedrooms which are all big enough to fit a double air mattress, and the tent uses our favourite layout with the living space at the front of the tent.

The bedrooms are really dark inside so perfect for getting more sleep during the short nights of summer. The manufacturer claims they block out 99% of sunlight and that seems about right as they are very dark: remember your torch!

The blacked out bedrooms have the added benefit of moderating the temperature in the tent, keeping it 1 degree warmer at night and 5 degrees cooler by day. This makes quite a difference to the traditional problem of waking up baking in the morning sunshine!

The inflatable poles allow one person to put up the tent in around 15 minutes (even in the wind and rain), and the pump you need is included.

Overall this is a great option for family faming, it is spacious, quick to put up and has the blacked out bedrooms that we feel are essential when camping with little ones.

If you are looking for a smaller cheaper version of this tent, the Coleman Oak Canyon 4 or the Coleman Cabral 5 offer many of the same features on a smaller scale, but with a fibreglass pole system.

For more details on the Coleman Valdes 6 please click here


  • Dark Bedrooms
  • Spacious
  • Quick to set up


  • The hinged door is great but we have some concerns over its durability.


Click here to check the latest prices

Best Tent for Large Families

Outwell Concorde 10 Air Comfort Tent 


  • Tent Size: 780 x 215 x 360cm
  • Weight: 32kg
  • Packed size: 51 x 89cm
  • Waterproofing: 5000mm

This is a great tent for larger families or those looking for a bit more space on their camping trips. It sleeps 10 people in 4 bedrooms and has a large living area as well.

The tent has all the features that we like such as darkened bedrooms, plenty of headroom and lots of doors and windows for access and ventilation. The windows are slightly tinted to stop glare from the sun, which is a nice feature.

The tent has the sealed in groundsheet that you would expect and the pump needed for the air poles is supplied with the tent.

You get a covered porch and there is ventilation straight in the bedrooms (or Ambassador Master Bedrooms in pompous marketing speak). You will also find all the pockets and hooks you could want.

We find that Outwell tents are that bit higher quality in terms of the materials that they use, so this should be a great long-term investment.

If you like the look and quality of this tent but are after something smaller, check out the Corvette 7AC.



  • Huge
  • Top quality materials
  • Dark bedrooms


  • None


Click here to check prices and read owner reviews


Are you planning a camping trip with a young child?

Check out our guide to camping with toddlers.

Best Tent for Tall People

Skandika Nizza Family Tent

Tent Size: 574 x 400 x 210 cm

Weight: 24 kg

Packed Size: 80 x 42 x 26 cm

Waterproofing: 5,000 mm water column



A mid-priced option, the Skandika Nizza is a spacious 6-berth tent with a good 210 cm peak height making it a great option for taller campers and those seeking a quality tent at an affordable price.

The tent uses a traditional poled system so is also a good option for people that aren’t too keen to try out an air pole tent.

Despite not using air poles the tent is pretty quick and easy to put up and pack away and stands up well against strong wind.

It has a good sized living area so you’ll be able to keep all your belongings safe in the dry, and the sewn in groundsheet keeps the whole tent cosy and free from draughts and insect visitors.

All the windows and doors have a mosquito mesh, and the waterproof fabric has an impressive 5000mm water column.

Overall the tent is good quality and the materials used seem extremely durable making this a bargain at this price.

For more details on the Skandika Nizza please click here


  • Spacious
  • High ceiling
  • Sewn in groundsheet


  • No bedroom blackouts
  • Materials feel less premium


Click here to check prices and read owner reviews


Best Tent for Glamping

Boutique Camping 5m Bell Tent

Tent Area: 19m²

Weight: 24 kg

Packed Size: 100cm x 30cm x 30cm




If you are looking for something a bit more stylish then you could consider this boutique bell tent to create your own luxury experience. The 5-metre tent is quite spacious for 4 but just has the one room for your family all to sleep and live in.

The tent is made from 100% natural breathable cotton which gives the tent a lovely atmosphere, quite different for the other tents in our review, but it does also mean that the tent is bulky and quite heavy.

A cotton tent requires a little more maintenance than a nylon alternative as you will need to reproof the canvas every year to ensure that it remains waterproof, colourfast and mould resistant.

You will also need to be careful not to pack it away while wet, this is not always easy so you may need to have a drying space somewhere.

This model has a zipped in ground sheet which adds to the comfort when zipped in but is a big benefit over sewn-in alternatives as you can roll up the sides of the tent on warm days.

You should be able to get the tent up in around 15 minutes, it is possible to do on your own but easier with 2 or more.

The tent has mosquito mesh on the door and 4 windows and also features additional air vents. If you are planning to camp out in cold weather you may want to consider having a flue flap fitted for your log burner.

Overall this is a great option if you are looking to try glamping, it has a totally different feel to the other tents and will give you quite a different camping experience due to having only the one communal space. Be sure to accessorise with some bunting!

For more details on the Boutique Camping Bell Tent please click here



  • A glamorous way to spend a night under the stars


  • Requires more maintenance
  • Only one compartment


Click here to check prices and read owner reviews


Best Budget Tent

CampFeuer Tunnel Tent

 Tent Area: 16.4m²

Weight: 13kg

Packed Size64 x 23 cm

Waterproofing: 5000mm




If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the tents above then the CampFeuer Tunnel tent is a great option. It is a slightly smaller tent than most of the others in our review (marketed as a 4 person tent), but this should be sufficient for short trips or for young families.

For the low price, you get a very capable tent with excellent waterproofing at 5000mm which has proven stand up well to testing conditions in the wind and the rain.

You get 2 bedroom compartments that have sewn-in groundsheets, but the living area has a separate groundsheet.  The groundsheet goes up to the sleeping compartments but not underneath them.

This is one of the compromises of a cheaper tent and it does make the tent feel generally less cosy and less enclosed. You will also be more vulnerable to water flowing through the tent (rather than under it) should you have a lot of rain on your trip.

Whilst the materials used seem decent quality they are understandably cheaper than those used on the other tents in this roundup. You will also have to make do without bedroom pockets or any specific hanging points in the living area.

The tent is very easy to put up but the pegs that are supplied are pretty weak and bend easily so you may want to consider upgrading them.

Overall this is a good tent for the money. You don’t get as much space or as many features as with the other tents, but you do save a lot of cash and you will have a tent that does what it needs to. Check out this post for other budget tent ideas.

For more details on the CampFeuer Tunnel Tent please click here


  • Decent tent for a low price
  • Solid construction and waterproof


  • Separate groundsheet
  • No pockets, blackout bedrooms
  • Weak pegs

Click here to check prices and read owner reviews


Best Tent To Enjoy The View

Coleman Cortes Octagon Tent

Tent Area: 15.7m²

Pack Size: 85 x 30 x 30cm

Weight: 20.7kg

Water Column: 2000mm




An unusual looking tent the Coleman Cortes Octagon (8 person) offers a 360-degree view thanks to the 6 large windows and sides that can be tied back to allow you to enjoy the scenery.

The tent is tall so allows you to stand up throughout the tent and creates a spacious environment.

The tent has hinged doors that are more like using a normal door. This is great as you do not need to zip it every time you go in and out.

As kids seem to like to go in and out constantly, this is a great feature for a family tent, and it also means that you can quietly enter and exit while they are asleep as you do not need to use the noisy zip.

The tent can be used with one internal space or divided down the middle by hanging the partition curtain.

We don’t like this layout quite so much as the clear bedroom/living area that most of these tents have, but it does allow for flexibility depending on how you would like to use the tent, and how many people are camping.

Another versatile feature is the option to remove the flysheet and convert the tent into a room enclosed by fly screens. This would make a great cooking/dining room in good weather and could be combined with using other tents for sleeping to make for a more luxurious camping trip.

The tent is easy to put up thanks to the colour coded steel pole system, has a fully sewn-in groundsheet and 2000mm waterproofing. This is the lowest of our featured tents but should still keep you dry.

The tent comes in a handy wheeled carry bag a saving you from having to lug it about when you arrive on the campsite.

For more details on the Coleman Octagon Tent please click here


  • Lots of windows and ventilation
  • High ceiling throughout creates a feeling of spaciousness.


  • Inner tent is largely perforated making it quite cold in cooler weather
  • So big that it is hard to light after dark
  • No true bedroom compartments

Click here to check prices and read owner reviews


The Best Family Tents 2020 – Which Will You Choose?

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our roundup of the best family tents that are available in 2018. Please let us know if you have any questions about choosing a tent and we will be happy to help in the comments below.

Please also let us know about any family camping experiences that you have had, we would love to hear how you got on. 




Best Family Tents

Best Family Tents

20 thoughts on “Best Family Tents 2023: Choose the Right Tent For Your Family”

  1. Thank you so much for including an option for tall people. The hardest part about finding a tent sometimes, is finding one with the right height. My husband is quite tall and camping always brings back terrors of crawling and ducking. I’ve been long looking for something that might make it a bit more comfortable for him. I hadn’t seen anything like that before. 

    For a while I was really into the idea of getting a pop-up tent that is easy to assemble but still sturdy and large – that’s my next goal, although I’m not sure it exists. All the pop-up tents I’ve found are flimsy and small, but as long as it is not too hard to put together I think this one here will work. Thanks! 

    1. Thanks! It is quite amazing how much tents have improved in the last few years so you should be able to get a tent that is high enough for you husband to feel comfortable. The Coleman Octagon tent sound perfect for you and whilst not a pop up, it is easy and quick to put up.

  2. My wife and I sold our trailer last summer and plan on getting a tent.  It felt like we weren’t camping and we want to get back to that.  Im not going to lie we do want some comfort and size.  I was very happy to come across your article to give me some ideas at to what we should be looking at.  Im going to do a little more research and Im sure there is a strong chance I will be back.

    1. Thanks, I am glad that you found this post useful. I agree with you, if you want to camp properly it should be in a tent, but a nice one is the way to go!

  3. Hi there,  What an interesting article. I admit, I’m not big on camping but was recently asked to go on a camping trip by some friends who assured me that things in the camping world have changed since I last tried it many years ago. Your description of a tent being a ‘damp leaky triangle’ really brought back some pretty awful memories. However, the information you provide here may have gone a long way to reassure me that things have indeed changed. You provide some really great tips on what to think about when considering your camping needs. The idea of an inflatable tent that only takes 15 minutes for one person to put up sounds amazing!

    1. Thanks! Things have definitely changed and a new tent will keep you dry for sure. I hope that you enjoy your camping trip! Be sure to get a decent camping mat and sleeping bag. Then you will be nice and warm at should get some good sleep!

  4. Hi Chris

    I enjoyed reading about the type of tents along with some aspects that many take for granted is maintenance. 

    This all brought back many memories over 30 years ago with hiking and camping I used to have a two man tent along with a larger family tent which I have never been able to find. 

    It was similar in description to the 5 m bell tent you have on your site, except it wasn’t a bell shape but pretty much the same description with both. Loved it had so many great moments in life with friends and close ones. 

    I agreed one of the important maintenance is ensuring that waterproofing is done at least once a year. It is also great to occasionally take it out in the backyard if possible and just set it up and air it along making sure there are no unwanted visitors there as well especially if you are getting ready to go out again.

    The worst part was I didn’t enjoy packing up the tent in the rain when going but what I did when I got home is re set it up again not only to stale air it out but also to ensure it is properly dried before repacking once more for another trip.

    Thanks for that info brought many memories of many wonderful days gone by.

    Loved hiking and camping but for those reading this just make sure you pick the right type of tent for the occasion and that if you are on your own you can manage the packing and unpacked as well. Nothing more frustrating that needing to reach out to another spot only to find when you grab it the rest falls down. 

    Oh nearly forget yes pegs many tents don’t have strong pegs or sometimes I have found over the years not enough pegs so always good to buy a extra set or sets which will come in handy. 

    Thank you for the insight into these tents which are wonderful from what i have seen.


    1. Thank you for your thoughts! I am so glad that we were able to bring back some happy memories. Let’s hope that your next camping trip is memorable too (they always are!). Have fun!

  5. Hi there. Season’s greetings my dear. Thanking Thanks you for sharing another helpful post. These are indeed the best family tents this year and I have also learnt about the things that I should consider in order to choose the right tent that suits my family. I love the Coleman Tent Cortes Octagon. It is beautiful.

    1. thank you,  that is a good choice.  Great for views and as it is a bit different it stands out from the other tents so is easy to find!

  6. The last time I went camping was with a group of friends as a young adult. Now that I have kids, it’s a whole different kettle of fish isn’t it? I really like the idea of the Glamping tent, because it looks great. But practically, something like the inflatable tent seems the way to go, as really, we’re novice campers and would need something easy to set up. 

    Thank you for covering all the different options of tents. I had absolutely no idea that there was more to tents than a basic 2 or 3 man tent!

    1. we have the same issue,  go for the one that looks cool and can be glammed up, or go for a practical option to make life easier. Both options have their merits (which is why we included them!), good luck with your choice! 

  7. for people like me who are always on camping we seriously need one that is waterproof where i come as we experience a lot of rainfall. which type of tent will be best for me to choose? 

    if we are three people which tent is best for us?

    i am very grateful thank you for presenting and showing us these tents for sure its the first website i have seen showing these tents

    1. Hi, 

      All of these tents have good waterproofing but i would probably say to avoid the glamping tent as that takes a lot longer to dry. I would recommend the Valdes 6 for the 3 of you, it is a great inflatable tent it will be quite spacious for you

  8. Thanks for the review of the best family tents available in 2018! It sounds so interesting to know that there are important features or rules for choosing a family tent in order to have enough space to contain the family, enough rooms to keep some belongings, and some space to move around.

    Kudos for the prices and complete review of suitable tents for large families, the tent area, packed size, weight, and waterproofing! What an informative review!

    Israel Olatunji

    1. Thanks Israel! These are the things that we think are most important to consider before purchasing a tent. i hope you enjoy your next camping trip!

  9. Great post and good info.

    These tents look very good, the size and capacity is awesome for the price.

    Now we would need one of 4 persons, maybe 5, so I’m not going to choose myself, but considering it together with my wife which one is the best.

    We need space for our packing things and other stuff.

    So maybe we buy one for 6 persons, to have that space.

    Thanks for sharing it, we will look for it!

    1. Thank you, I think that the Valdes 6 would be the best option for you. It sounds like the sort of size you are after and you will love putting it up in just a few minutes!

  10. I will complement the discussion with questions of choosing a tent. Tent Sleeping Capacity in view of a tall person or a small child or a dog. Three-season tents are usually sufficient for relatively moderate conditions of spring, summer and autumn. They are usually equipped with extensive mesh panels to increase air flow. Mesh panels leave insects (but can still admit pulverized sand). 

    Comfortable cabins in the cabin style have almost vertical walls to maximize the overall peak height and habitable space. When choosing a tent, think about the number of doors you need, as well as their shape and orientation. If you’re camping with your family, a few doors will help you avoid climbing over each other for midnight breaks in the bathroom.

    A rainfly is a separate waterproof cover designed to fit over the roof of your tent. Use it whenever rain or dew is expected, or any time you want to retain a little extra warmth.

    Mesh panels are often used in the ceiling, doors and windows of tents. This allows views and enhances cross-ventilation to help manage condensation. For hot, humid season conditions, seek out larger mesh panels.

    You have perfectly coped with the topic of important features of the choice of the family tent 2018, and very carefully took into account all the conditions of family recreation in nature. You gave all the necessary recommendations. The article contains illustrations and characteristics of the six best family tents in 2018. 

    This is a great review article and the author deserves high praise. Thank you. Mark

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