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Best Laptop for Bloggers 2023 – Find Your Perfect Blogging Laptop

Are you looking for the best laptop for bloggers? We certainly were, which is why we decided to research all the best laptops for blogging.

One of the many great things about blogging is that all you really need is a laptop (and maybe a camera). Many people start a blog with the dream of living the laptop lifestyle, working from anywhere and maybe working their way around the world as a digital nomad.

So, it is well worth making sure that you have one of the best laptops for bloggers. It will save so much frustration in the long run. I’ve been there, sat with an old laptop that is whirring away but won’t actually load anything or do anything. When you are working for yourself on something you love it can drive you potty.

So, if you are looking for an upgrade or need a laptop to start a new blog, keep reading as we run through the best laptops for blogging in 2023.

Best Laptop for Blogging 2023

Laptop, coffee and camera on desk, seen from above

1. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 – Best Laptop for Travel Bloggers

Pros Cons
Stunning premium design Low storage (but you can upgrade)
Oustanding keyboard
Very light ( just 1.2 Kgs )

This is a stunning looking laptop that comes with great internal specs that deliver impressive performance. Due to the combination of small size and great specs we have rated it as the best laptop for travel bloggers.

Inside you will find an Intel Core i5 CPU coupled with an 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage. If you are after a bit more storage you can opt for the more expensive 512GB version.

The Surface Laptop has our favourite keyboard out of all the ones in this comparative review. It just feels so nice to type on with excellent spacing, good feedback and the travel distance between the keys is perfect. The trackpad is large, smooth and easy to use.

Apparently, this is because it has been covered with ‘Luxurious Alcantara fabric’. I have no idea what that is but it definitely works and makes for a great typing experience. This is obviously a key benefit for anyone that spends hours on end typing away on their latest blog post.  The Surface is also compatible with Surface Pen, Dial, and Arc Mouse.

Another key feature of the Surface is the incredible battery life. 11.5 hours! And you can charge it to 80% in just one hour.

We love the 13.5 inch Full HD Pixel dense touchscreen display which is great to use in all light conditions making it ideal for those all-important blogging by pool moments.

This is a more expensive laptop but it does come with a truly premium feel. It is one of the lightest and thinnest laptops on the market and the battery life is great (this is super important when looking for the best blogging laptop).


2. Apple MacBook Pro 13 – Most Stylish Laptop for Bloggers

Pros Cons
Looks awesome Pricey
Oustanding display
Slick operating system

No best laptop for blogging and bloggers roundup would be complete without mentioning the Apple Macbook Pro. it is a top of the range laptop for bloggers who are happy to invest in a quality machine. You get premium features throughout, like the stunning Retina display, ultra-thin shape, and awesome typing keyboard.

The Macbook Pro is very popular with bloggers that do a lot of video editing thanks to the powerful Iris Plus graphics chipset.

The smooth running of the Macbook Pro is also great for bloggers as it copes well with multitasking. We all know that a blogger has 1001 things to do at all times and it is easy to fly off in different directions and open up hundreds of different windows and programs! That is no problem with this little machine and it easily copes with having plenty of browser tabs, Photoshop, Lightroom and Adobe Illustrator, Canva etc all on the go.

The high performance is thanks to the Intel Core i5 2.3GHz dual-core processor (with Turbo Boost to 3.6GHz) and 8GB of RAM. You get 128 GB SSD drive to store your data with speed and different amounts of hard drive storage depending on how much you are willing to spend.

At 2.2kg (4.9 pounds), it is not the lightest laptop for writers and bloggers in this list. It is still pretty light though and it looks great. When you couple this with the beautiful design, great performance and smooth Apple OS you are surely looking at one of the best laptops for bloggers (and over 9 hours battery life – YES!!).


3. Asus Zenbook 13 – Best Laptop for Vloggers

Pros Cons
Very thin and light (1.1kg) Some customers have complained that the trackpad is defective
Tilting keyboard
Great Screen

The ASUS ZenBook is another great computer for bloggers. It looks sleek, has a slim build and weighs in at a tiny 1.1kg (2.6 lbs). This makes it a great laptop for digital nomads and travel bloggers who need something small and light to slip into their bag.

The Asus Zenbook is a bit cheaper than the Macbook Pro but still has some great hardware inside to allow you to get on with multitasking. The Intel HD Graphics 620 processor is super slick when you need to use editing software whilst the built-in 720p webcam makes this one of the best laptops for vloggers and video creators.

The Zenbook comes with top of the range internal specs – 16GB RAM and a huge 512 GB SSD drive, and the 8th generation Intel Core i7-8565U processor.

The fingerprint scanner is a nice security feature that allows you to quickly access your computer without entering your password. The screen is great and pretty much edge to edge with just tiny bezels.

The keyboard is backlit which is great when you are using it in low light conditions (I can’t be the only blogger that works in dark hotel rooms whilst my family are asleep!), and it also has a couple of unique features.

The keyboard has an amazing design which automatically tilts to the most comfortable typing position, this is a great feature for bloggers and writers who spend so much time typing. It also has a really cool trackpad that can convert into a number pad, which is a pretty unique and useful feature.

ASUS ZenBook has one of the best batteries of all the laptops in our best laptops for bloggers review, clocking in at an impressive 14 hours it gives you no excuse not to get some work done!


4. HP Pavillion X360 – Best Convertible Laptop for Bloggers

Pros Cons
Converts into tablet mode Disappointing battery life
Huge storage
Good performance for the price

HP X360 is another awesome laptop for bloggers. What sets this one apart from the crowd is that it can be flipped into tablet mode, or used as a conventional laptop. The 14″ touchscreen has a full HD display (1920×1080 FHD IPS display) and an Edge-to-Edge touchscreen with 10 point multi-touch.

This bloggers computer has great specs inside and will easily handle any task that you throw at it.

It features the 7th generation Intel Core i5-7200U processor (Turbo Boost technology provides 2.50 GHz to 3.10 GHz. There is a load of storage (1 TB HDD) and a 256GB SSD. Click here for the full specs

The battery life is ok at 8 hours.


5. Dell XPS 15 – Best Laptop for Image and Video Editing

The Dell XPS 15 is an impressive piece of kit that is super powerful and stacked with tonnes of memory.

It comes with a high price tag but you get a laptop crammed full with the best tech – it is powered by the 9th Gen Intel Core i7 processor (4.1Ghz) combined with a 16GB of RAM and 1TB SSD. It also has a 4GB Nvidia GeForce 1050ti dedicated graphics card that can handle everything whilst the 12 hour battery life will keep you productive all day. Click here to see the full specs

We love the look of this laptop, especially the lack of bezels around the screen, and the Ultrasharp 4K display. The big, sharp screen means that this could be the best laptop to do SEO work. The screen is a touchscreen, but you can turn it off if that is not your cup of tea.

You could argue that this laptop is more powerful than you need just for blogging, but it is great if you do a lot of graphics work or create video content and it definitely ranks as one of the best laptops for running a website.

Pros Cons
Awesome processing power Expensive
4K Ultra HD display with Tiny Bezels
Dedicated Nvidea Graphics Card


6. Lenovo 320 – Best Laptop for Blogging under $500

Pros Cons
Great value Short battery life
Good all-round performance Keyboard isn’t backlit
Screen is just ok

Coming in at under $500 the Lenovo 320 is a budget laptop for blogging. It may not quite pack the same punch as some of the other when you are comparing specs, but it is perfectly capable of performing standard blogging tasks and is a nice computer to use for your content creation.

The 128 GB solid-state drive is pretty decent at this price point, whilst the  2.7 GHz AMD quad-core processor and 8GB RAM means that the Lenovo 320 runs through tasks at an impressive speed.

The Lenovo 320 weighs in at a pretty lightweight 2kg / 4.41 lbs and it is nice and thin so you can easily carry it around with you. We think that the design is pretty sleek and it is not obviously a ‘budget’ laptop.

Of course, you are getting this laptop for a low price so there will be a few compromises

The HD anti-glare screen is ok outdoors but can’t rival the pricier laptops in this post. The keyboard is nice to type on but it is not backlit. And the biggest issue for us is that the battery life is just 6 hours which on occasions could be frustrating.

Despite these limitations, we rate this as one of the best laptops for affiliate marketing and blogging and definitely one of the best cheap laptops for blogging.


7. Acer Aspire 5 – Best Budget Laptop for Bloggers

If you are just starting out as a blogger, or just want to save some cash, you probably don’t want to be spending thousands on a top of the range laptop.

But you want something that will do the job and do the job well. This is where the Acer Aspire 5 shines out as one of the best budget laptops for bloggers.

It may not have a super high price, but the Acer Aspire 5 has some impressive internal specs.

It is powered by the 8th Generation Intel Core i5 processor clocked at 3.9 GHz which is coupled with an 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage. So it should be able to cope with all of your day to day blogging tasks with ease.

The screen is 15.6 inch Full HD IPS panel which is really sharp and crisp. We like the narrow bezels around the sides which mean the laptop is small for its relatively big screen. It also comes with a backlit keyboard (perfect for late-night blogging) and a fingerprint sensor for security.

Thanks to the aluminium build, the Aspire 5  is thin and light (around 1.8 Kgs) which makes it easy to carry around.

The overwhelming majority of owners love their Acer Aspire 5 and you can read what they have to say about it here. All in all, it could be the best laptop for running a website.

Pros Cons
Lots of laptop for a low price Not much memory
Great screen


8. ASUS Chromebook C202 Laptop – Best Chromebook for Blogging

Pros Cons
Really cheap Internet connection needed for most things
Rugged construction Limited internal storage
Spill-resistant keyboard

We are big fans of Chromebooks and think that they are a great option for bloggers. If you have never used a Chromebook before you should know that they are a bit different from Windows or Apple laptops as they have very little inbuilt memory.

You will mostly be working online using cloud storage like Google Drive to access the documents that you need. Of course, you can still access WordPress and all the other sites that you need to use when running your online business.

When you don’t have access to the internet you can still do some work offline so we don’t think the difference between using a windows laptop for blogging or a Chromebook for blogging is that great.

We have chosen the Asus C202 Chromebook for this list as it has some unique features that make it one of the best laptops for travel bloggers or anyone that travels a lot with their laptop.

It is designed to go anywhere (or be used by someone clumsy!) and has a rugged construction with reinforced rubber guards, easy-grip handles, and a spill-resistant keyboard. Apparently you can drop it from 3.9 feet without any disruption although we haven’t tested that!.

It weighs in at just 1.2kg (2.6 pounds) and is really small at just 11.6 inches. Some might find this too small for their blogging needs but we have quickly got used to the small screen and think that it is fine. The C202 has a nice crisp HD anti-glare display, with a 180-degree hinge for easy viewing.

This Chromebook boots up instantly (like a phone or tablet) and the Intel Celeron N3060 Processor (2M Cache, up to 2.48 GHz) gives a fast and snappy performance.


Best Laptop for Bloggers 2023 – Final Thoughts

If you are a blogger you will know how much time you spend on your laptop. It takes ages to write a post, edit a post, edit the photos, create links, make pins, email your list do social media and all the many other tasks that come into running a blog.

You invest a lot of time in your blog so we think that it is well worth investing in one of the best laptops for bloggers to make your life that little bit easier. The last thing that you want is for each and every task to take a bit longer whilst the cogs in your laptop whirl away and you idly wait for the screen to load.

We think that the ones we have reviewed in this post are the best laptops for bloggers to buy in 2023.

Our overall top pick is the Surface 3 Laptop which looks stunning, weighs almost nothing, is great to type on, has super-fast performance, and amazing battery life. Basically, it is every blogger’s ideal laptop!

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  1. A blogger or a vlogger definitely needs a reliable laptop, especially if he works from anywhere. 

    I’m now using a Macbook Air, so far it’s good although it hangs up sometimes. 

    If I need to purchase one soon, what are the benefits of the Microsoft Surface Laptop3 compared to the Apple MacBook Pro 13?



    1. Thanks for your comment. The two machines you mention are actually pretty evenly matched. I think the choice largely comes down to whether you prefer to use an Apple or Windows machine. Most people are used to one or the other and tend to prefer to stick with what they are used to. The other factor is the price as the Macbook Pro is a bit more expensive.

  2. Hello there! Thanks for dropping this article. Actually, every blogger or vlogger needs a good laptop. A blogger without a good laptop is like a farmer that goes to the farm without a cutlass. I feel like I’m talking to myself here because I have a pretty bad laptop for a blogger. Anyway, my interest is in the apple macbook 13 but I have a question. Which put of these laptops listed is your personal favorite and why?

    1. Hi, glad you liked the post. The MacBook is great but personally I prefer windows machines so the surface is my favourite.

  3. wow what an amazing post you have here. I am just starting out as a blogger and really need to upgrade my laptop. I sit there for hours barely getting anything done since my laptop is so slow. This review is just what I was looking for, I think I will splash out on the surface laptop, its an investment in my business after all!

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  5. amazing review you have here on best laptops for bloggers…i use my laptop all the time as a blogger. Its all I really need to do my job so it is worth having a good one. Sadly mine soon its last legs so that’s why I am on the lookout for something new. I like your suggestions here and will check them out. 

  6. siddharth juyal

    after your sugestion i brought Microsoft Surface Laptop and i must tell you its amazing and i love it all thanks to your blog

  7. i recently brought asus vivobook and i want to know that in future can i expect a seperate article on that?

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